August 2, 2013 in recording, sessions

The Rehearsal

Last night we did the rehearsal for the recording session at Adam’s studio. It was awesome seeing the songs come together – it’s an interesting experience when you’ve been playing songs for a while and in your head you hear all the parts a certain way. Yesterday was like that except Adam and Jesse are much better than¬† the musicians in my head…

I was kind of nervous working with actual musicians and an official producer this time, it defiantly makes you bring your A game. I’m used to being locked up in my cave making making music overdubbing layers of myself and not being around other humans. I’m enjoying this being a collaborative project even though we are working with my material. You’re just not able to get that same feel overdubbing millions of yourself, there is something to be said about playing live music with other people. I think that with different people you get different rhythms that you wouldn’t think of. Mick Jagger said in the documentary 20 Feet from Stardom when referring to the back-up singers that they brought a whole new level to the music, and that it gives you a break from hearing his voice the whole time. That’s how I feel about it, I definitely don’t want to hear a choir of myself.


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